The eCAADe Grant

Each year eCAADe invites applications from young researchers studying in Europe to submit their approved PHD proposal for the eCAADe Grant. Successful applicants attend a pre-conference PHD workshop where they present and discuss their work with experienced colleagues. The grant consists of a subsidy of 400 Euro to cover travel expenses and a special students registration to attend the conference afterwards. The Workshop is valuable for PhD students in the earlier stages of the work and NOT mainly intended to be a presentation of an already finished PhD.

Previous years winners

2018 Lodz

Ricky Burke, Plymouth: Designing Dementia Design Environments
Michał Jarzyna, Lodz: A BIM model-based system for technical facility maintenance on the example of a university building
Yisi Liu, Liverpool: Multi-interpretation: the Use of Virtual Reality in Exploring the Cities in Literature
Kyratsoula Tereza Papanikolaou, Patras: Embedding water sensitive design in urban blocks through the development of an urban water model designed for architects
Amina Rezoug, Istanbul: Slummed Modern: The Link Between Architecture and its Residents
Irina Shaklova, Barcelona: Artificial ecosystems for building envelopes

2017 Rome

Ekaterina Petrova, Aalborg University: Holistic Sustainable BIM-Based Building Design and Performance Assesment
Hatidza Isanovic, Istanbul Technical University: Developing a Methodology for Learning Integrated Design Utilising BIM as the Technology Platform
Karolina Kotnour, Czech Technical University: Impermanent Architecture Forms and Human Body Interactions
Han Yoon, Aalto University: Computing Spatial Dynamics

2016 Oulu

Jahanara Alireza, La Sapienza Università di Roma: Dynamic Façades and Computation: Towards an Optimizing energy load and occupant satisfaction
Pankiewicz Mateusz, Lodz University Of Technology: Architecture as a resultant of the spatiotemporal events continuum. Immersive n-dimensional architectural-urban reconstructions.
Mekawy Mohammed, Technical University of Munich: A framework for using BIM in mass‐customization and prefabrication in the AEC industry.
Dengg Ernst, Graz University of Technology: Resource Space: The New Urban Landscape

2015 Vienna

Timo Carl
Ugo Maria Coraglia
Julia Forster
Paul Goodship
Herbert Peter
Mina Tahsiri
Marta Wierzcholska

2014 Newcastle

João Ventura Salvador Lopes
Ladislava Sobková

2013 Delft

Marie Davidova
Stefano Cursi
Alessia Riccobono
Sara Garcia

Delft local students – reduced grant
Tijjani Zubairu
Ioannis Chatzikonstantinou

2012 Prague

Tiemen Strobbe
Manuella Ianni
Stanimira Markova
Chrysanthu Papasaranatou

2011 Ljubljana

Shady Attia – A Decision tool for Zero Energy Buildings in Egypt
Ioanna Symeonidou – Digital Fabrication and Design Systems
Mark Lindquist – Responses to Sound in Virtual Environments
M. Piedade Ferreira – Embodied €motions: a path to expand Architectural Conciousness
Anna Laskari – Multidimensional Structures for Spatial Comparative Analysis