Past Proceedings

Digital eCAADe proceedings 1983-2000

This CD-Rom contains a “tailor-made” solution for the complete digitalization of all paper-based eCAADe-proceedings. Until 1996 paper-based proceedings were published, generally only with a small circulation. This material – consisting of approx. 400 contributions representing 3.600 pages – was scanned and converted into pdf-format. The possibility of a full-text-search will open up a new perspective for CAAD-research.

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Following proceedings are available on the CD-Rom:

• 1983 Brussels: De Wilde, W.P. et al., eCAADe Proceedings of the International Conference
• 1984 Helsinki: Poyry, M., eCAADe 84 – Third European Conference
• 1986 Rome: Carrara, G., Teaching and Research with CAAD
• 1987 Zurich: Kramel, H., Architectural Education and the Information Explosion
• 1989 Aarhus: Agger, K., CAAD – Education Research and Practice
• 1991 Munich: Pittioni, G., Experiences with CAAD in Education and Practice
• 1992 Barcelona: CAAD Instruction: The New Teaching of an Architect
• 1993 Eindhoven: Smeltzer, G., Education in Computer Aided Architectural Design
• 1994 Glasgow: Maver, T., The Virtual Studio
• 1995 Palermo: Colajanni, B., Multimedia and Architectural Disciplines
• 1996 Lund: Af Klercker, J., Education for Practice
• 1997 Vienna: Martens, B., Challenges of the Future
• 1998 Paris: Porada, M., Computer Craftsmanship in Architectural Education
• 1999 Liverpool: Brown, A., Architectural Computing: From Turing to 2000
• 2000 Weimar: Donath, D., Promise and Reality

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Published by eCAADe in cooperation with Mediatecture
ISBN 0-9523687-9-X
Copyright eCAADe (2001)