International Journal of Architectural Computing: IJAC

The International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC) is an peer-reviewed journal founded by international organisations dedicated to promoting collaborative research and development of computer-aided architectural design. IJAC is committed to deepening the understanding of the foundations of digital systems for architectural design and the computational technologies enabling their development and application.

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Architectural Computing is an alliance, formed in 2002, between the five international CAAD organisations ecaade, acadia, caadria, sigradi and CAADFutures.

eCAADe – Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe
ACADIA -Association of Computer Aided Design in Architecture
CAADRIA -Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia
SIGraDi – Sociedad Iberoamericana de Grafica Digital
CAADFutures Foundation

The organisations organise conferences and other related activities. They collaborate in the production of an International Journal, called IJAC.

IJAC: The International Journal of Architectural Computing

There are currently four issues of the Journal per year. Authors can  submit a paper either for general review at any time or for a particular call when there is a Special issue. Past and upcoming issues contents can be seen by clicking on

Submitting a Paper

Papers for the Journal are double blind reviewed through the SAGE review system. Please click [here] for details on how to submit a paper for review.

Publication Schedule

March (Issue 1); June (Issue 2); September (Issue 3); December (Issue 4) 

2017 was the 15th year production so issues that year were Volume 15, and 2018 issues, Vol. 16.

Special Offer for eCAADe Members

Members of eCAADe are eligible for a very reduced rate of subscription for the on-line and paper journals. Details and order form for the reduced price can be found in the [IJAC-special offer_leaflet here].