How to join eCAADe

Membership of eCAADe is not limited to educational institutions in Europe. We invite applications for membership from related organisations anywhere in the world. All delegates for the annual conference become members for the year following the conference, as part of the conference fee.

At other times if you want us to send you more details about the organisation and membership please send an email to the Administrative headquarters of eCAADe, which is currently at the KU Leuven Faculty Of Architecture, Sint-Lucas Brussels/Ghent, Belgium.


A PDF membership form is available here

eCAADe membership includes reduced subscription rate to IJAC, membership to the List server for general communication and information interchange.

It is possible for libraries to gain institutional access to CUMinCAD. Institutional membership includes full institutional access to CUMinCAD in a given IP-address range, receipt of a hard copy of the most recent conference proceedings, reduced subscription rate to IJAC, membership to the List server for general communication and information exchange and one individual membership to eCAADe to be appointed to an institutional employee.

The annual subscription fee has been set at 50 euro for individuals and at 200 euro for institutions. Expiry date for eCAADe membership normally runs from November 1st each year for one year.

Student membership is also foreseen for students who are 35 years old or less. The fee for student membership is 25 euro. This fee is valid only for application outside eCAADe conferences or at the conference venue for those who do not register for the conference. To apply to student membership, applicants need to send a digital a copy of their ID card or passport and a valid student ID card together with the membership form. They also need to send by mail a certificate issued by the school stating that the student is currently registered at the school.


eCAADe also has a LinkedIn group, which has at the time of writing has over 1100 members from all over the world. Members are academics and practitioners alike with an interest in computer aided architectural design. I would like to invite you to become member of the LinkedIn group. Benefits are: regular postings about eCAADe related events but also from other CAAD associations; networking with your peers; list of possible contacts related to your expertise. We do require that new members have at least 10 contacts in their LinkedIn profile (in order to rule out ‘ghost accounts’). If you do not have 10 contacts, then you will be asked for a motivation statement, after which you will be allowed.

Click here to visit the eCAADE Linked in group.