eCAADe Statutes continued…


3. The Association comprises four categories of members: active members, support members (student – reduced fee), honorary members and sponsor members. In the category of active members a distinction is made between corporate and individual members. Active membership is open to government approved European institutions and individuals engaged in architectural design education. Honorary memberships are proposed by the Administrative Council for members of long term standing who contributed excellently to eCAADe. They are proposed by the Administrative Council and have to be approved by the AGM. Sponsor membership is open to institutions that are interested in the Association’s activities, but which do not qualify for active membership.

4. Membership is granted by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Administrative Council. Membership is included in the registration for an eCAADe conference. Membership starts immediately after receipt of the fee and ends at the beginning of the next annual conference if not renewed with a new registration for that conference. Applications for additional membership should be addressed to the Secretariat, and will take effect immediately after receiving the membership fee and expire at the beginning of the next annual conference.

5. All members have the right to be present at the General Assembly. Only active members have the right to be elected to an office in the Association’s agencies and to vote in the General Assembly.

The minimum number of members is three.

6. Membership ceases:

• At the request of the member

• At the beginning of the yearly conference if there is no registration for the conference

• Subsequent to a decision agreed by the General Assembly

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