eCAADe Statutes continued…

General Assembly 

7. The General Assembly is invested with the full authority to further the realization of the aims of the Association.

Especially included in this authority are:

• Amendments to the statutes

• The Association’s general policy

• Approval of the bye-laws

• Admission and exclusion of members

• Nominations, relief and reinstatement of members of the Administrative Council

• Nominations, relief and reinstatement of the Auditors

• Dismissal of Administrators

• Setting of membership fees

• Approval of budget and accounts

• Dissolution of the Association

8. The General Assembly meets once a year under the chairmanship of the President (or agreed Deputy); either in the Association headquarters or at a place determined by the preceding General Assembly and indicated in the agenda. The agenda is prepared by the President or a Vice-President, and is sent out at least one month before the date of the meeting. The General Assembly may equally upon the request of one fifth of the active members be convened by the President or a Vice-President to a meeting presenting a specific agenda. Any active member has the right to be represented by another active member whom they nominate. The minutes of the General Assembly are published on the web-site of eCAADe.

9. With the exception of the extraordinary situation described in the present statutes, resolutions are passed by simple majority among the active members present. All members are informed of the resolutions, and the resolutions are recorded in minutes. No matter may be decided upon unless it appears on the agenda, or subsequent to a decision  taken by at least two thirds of the active members present.

10. The General Assembly may decide to establish any ad hoc committee comprising institutional or individual members appropriate to the Association’s activities.

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