eCAADe Statutes continued…

The Administrative Council 

11. The agency responsible for the pursuance of the general policy of the Association is the Administrative Council. It is composed of a President and not less than three administrators. Not less than one of these persons shall be a Belgian National. Not less than two of the members of the Administrative Council shall be elected among the official delegates accredited as active members of the Associations. The administrators are proposed by the Administrative council and appointed by the General Assembly following upon a majority decision of the active members present for a period of two years. In view of a balanced Council, the AGM takes into account neither to appoint more than one member of one organization nor to appoint more than two members of the same country. The administrators may be dismissed by the General Assembly following upon a majority decision of two thirds of the active members present.

12. The Administrative Council meets at least two times a year. Decisions are made by the majority of administrators present. The President has a deliberative and a casting vote. Minutes are taken of the decisions taken by the administrative Council.

13. The administrators are nominated for a period of two years. The same person may be nominated for consecutive two year periods. The office of administrator is unpaid.

14. The Administrative Council is invested with all administrative powers, reserving the rights of the General Assembly.

Among its particular responsibilities are:

• The pursuance of the general policy of the Association, and hence the enforcement of the modes and regulations that apply to this pursuance of policy.

• The Organization (through local organizers) of the Association’s activities, and in particular of congresses

• The Collection of funds

• The Annual report and accounts to made available to the General Assembly

• The Nomination of the Secretary General (see article 19)

15. Legal matters in both defense and prosecution, in actions and proceedings, are dealt with by the Administrative Council, represented by the President or by an administrator appointed to this task by the President.

16. The Administrative Council may internally constitute an officer to carry out specific administrative duties within the general area of decisions taken by the Council, as well as delegate authority. Except in the case of special procuration, all documents that commit the Association are countersigned by two members of the Administrative Council.

17. The President of the Association is the chairman of the Administrative Council and the General Assembly: he/she represents the Association. The mandate of President runs for two years and may be renewed only once immediately.

The President is supported by two vice presidents.

18. The General Assembly elects from a list of candidates presented by the Administrative Council a President and the Vice-Presidents. The mandate of the Vice Presidents runs for two years and is structured as follows: the retiring President will be one of the Vice Presidents for a period of two years and the Administrative Council proposes a Vice President elect for the same period. The Vice President elect will be the main candidate for the next Presidency after this period. Any member can bring forward possible candidates for presidency or vice president elect and if this candidate is supported by two members of good standings from different universities he/she has to be included in the list of candidates.

19. The Administrative Council may establish a secretariat managed by a Secretary General who is nominated by the Administrative Council for a renewable period of three years.The Secretary General and the members of the secretariat carry out the decisions of the Administrative Council. The Secretary General is responsible for the daily administration of the Association and is subject to the approval of the Administrative Council. The Secretary General is present at the meetings of the Administrative Council.

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