eCAADe Statutes continued…

Budget and Accounts 

20. The annual fee to be paid by the members of the Association is determined by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Council. This fee may vary according to category and description of the different forms of membership. Membership fees are decided each year by the General Assembly and shall not exceed 1000 Euro.

21. The Council, once a year, prepares for the approval of the General Assembly, accounts for the preceding year as well as the budget for the following year. The financial year corresponds to the calendar year.

22. The Administrative Council appoints every year among those active members who are not members of the Council two auditors who report to the General Assembly. The General Assembly has the right to appoint additional auditors in case of unclear Situations (2/3 vote necessary).

Amendment of Statutes and Dissolution 

23. The Administrative Council shall inform the members of the Association at least two months in advance of any proposed amendment of the statutes or the dissolution of the Association, and at the same time make known the date of the General Assembly that takes a decision on the said proposal. No decision is valid unless it is carried by a majority of two thirds of the active members of the Association. If the General Assembly comprises less than two thirds of the active members of the Association, another General Assembly shall be convened in accordance with the same rules as above, whose definitive and valid decision on the proposed motion is taken by a majority of two thirds of the members present or represented. The General Assembly determines the proceedings for the dissolution of the Association.

24. In case of dissolution, the remaining funds will be donated to an organization with a similar goal.

General Provisions 

24. All matters not specified in the present statutes and especially the promulgation to be made in the “Moniteur Belge” will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Belgian Law.


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